while loop is printing both statements

I have two variables: balance and payment. If the user writes a negative value, I ask the question again. Problem: in the while loop, when the user inserts a positive value, it still prints the while statement as well as the else statement. I want it to print while statement only when the value is 0 or less than zero. The rest of the code is working fine.

My code:

balance = 0

payment = 0

while balance <= 0:

    balance = int(input('What is your balance?:'))
    print('Kindly insert value again')    # problem in this line

    print('your balance is',balance)

while payment <= 0:

    payment = int(input('How much would you like to save?:'))
    print('kindly write a positive value')
    print("your payment is ", payment)

numpay = balance/payment

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